Marinekart Ultralight Rigid Tenders

Marinekart w/Navy 3.0 EVO (6hp)

Introducing the MarineKart Ultralight 388: A High-Performance and Lightweight
Boat with Electric Motor Options

Experience the perfect blend of performance, versatility, and portability with the MarineKart Ultralight 388. This high-performance and lightweight boat is designed to cater to a wide range of boating activities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a dependable and adaptable watercraft. Additionally, as part of our electric boats for sale collection, the Ultralight 388 offers eco-friendly propulsion options that cater to environmentally conscious boaters.

TailorYour Boating Experience

The Boat Only option allows you to customize your boating experience, pairing the Ultralight 388 with a 6 or 10Hp electric motor or up to a 20Hp gas outboard. Enjoy the flexibility to select the power source that suits your needs best, while taking advantage of our electric boats for sale and contributing to a greener boating future.

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InnovativeDesign and Top-Quality Materials

Measuring 3.88 meters (12' 9") in length and weighing a mere 70 kg (155 lbs), the MarineKart Ultralight 388 is one of the lightest boats in its class. Its cutting-edge design and high-quality materials ensure exceptional durability despite its lightweight construction.

StandardBoat Kit Inclusions

The MarineKart Ultralight 388 comes equipped with a comprehensive standard boat kit, which includes:

1. Front and rear waterproof/microcellular foam/TPU cushions

2. TPU waterproof/draining front
bags (pair)

3. Drive cockpit organizer bag

4. Strong TPU safety flotation bag
(approx. 100 lt. volume)

5. N.4 alloy handles

6. Flow-Rite remote draining system

7. N.4 hull-integrated large
size-security handles

8. N.2 anti-shock PE-stabilizing

Steering Kit

The Ultralight 388 also features a superlight steering wheel, mechanical rotary steering, a Teleflex steering cable, and a steering arm that connects the Teleflex to the motor. This comprehensive steering kit ensures complete control over your watercraft, providing a safe and smooth boating experience. The MarineKart Ultralight 388 is the perfect high-performance and lightweight boat for those seeking a reliable and versatile watercraft. Its innovative design and top-quality materials guarantee years of enjoyment on the water. With options for electric motor propulsion as part of our electric boats for sale collection, the Ultralight 388 caters to eco-conscious boaters who want to minimize their environmental impact. Invest in the Ultralight 388 today and experience the difference for yourself.