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ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus

The epropulsion  electric outboard Spirit 1.0 Plus is the latest and greatest that technology has to offer for an electric boat motor offering true outboard performance and  technology no trolling motor can match. Free from exhaust or oil and offered as a clean and efficient alternative to gasoline outboards. This electric outboard motor outputs 500 watts of propulsive power making it equivalent to a 3HP gas outboard and ideal for tenders, dinghies and sailboats. The 1,276Wh lithium-polymer battery used to power the motor allows for double the run time and charges within 6 hours. The SPIRIT 1.0 PLus is offered in three different shaft lengths and a patented clamp for maximum stability, making it compatible with most watercraft.The brushless DC motor doesn't require maintenance while offering supreme durability, efficiently and power for any trip. With a gear free design you can finally enjoy nature as it was intended, in peace and quiet. It's an eco-conscious option when visiting Key Largo, Fl Keys, or Flamingo in Everglades National Park.

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ePropulsion Navy 3.0

The ePropulsion NAVY 3.0 is a 6HP equivalent epropulsion  electric outboard motor designed for performance and quietness. The brushless DC motor inside the NAVY 3.0 is placed at the bottom and surrounded by water allowing direct and effective cooling, a similar configuration to the Spirit model. A gearbox free design eliminates noise and maintenance requirements, unlike trolling motor, commonly seen with gas outboard motors. The built-in motor protection slows or stops the motor when it collides with objects underneath the water. More time can now be spent enjoying the trip instead of spending hours or days with the beloved mechanic! When the NAVY 3.0 electric outboard motor is paired with a NAVY battery on a 12ft boat, it can run for 4 hours at half throttle (Battery NOT Included). All of these features unite to create an electric outboard motor that is perfect for cruising, fishing and other water activities. The Navy 3.0 is a great option for the Key Largo, the greater keys, or Flamingo in Everglade National Park.

ePropulsion Navy 6.0

This 6000 watt epropulsion  electric outboard motor is an extremely powerful electric motor that is durable, quiet and emission free. Its high efficiency and low noise design make it perfect for cruising, fishing and other activities. The integrated display provides you all the relevant information you want to know. Together with its high energy density lithium-ion batteries, it is capable of traveling far distances and for long durations.  

The integrated LCD display provides essential information including battery voltage, real-time propulsive power, remaining battery capacity, and remaining run time. With all the electronics sealed, the Navy 6.0 meets the IP67 ingress protection standard for waterproofing. Compared with the complex internal combustion engine, the BLDC (Brushless DC) motor system requires very little maintenance and is very easy to use. This ain't no trolling motor! You'll plenty of power to explore Key Largo, the greater Keys, or Flamingo in Everglades National Park.